The warmer weather is finally upon us and what better way to welcome the new season into your home then with 6 simple budget-friendly ideas to transition your living space from a cold winter to a light and airy spring!

1.) A Fresh Coat of Paint

Whether you choose to add a new bright pop of colour into your living space or a different shade of the room’s current colour, painting a room helps breathe a new life into your home.

2.) Time for a new set of Blinds/Curtains

Allow more natural lighting into your home by replacing your current set of curtains with a set of blinds. This is a easy decorating tip allowing you to transform your space without breaking the bank!

3.) Fresh flowers is always welcome

After a very dry winter, the new season is sure to bring in an abundance of fresh petals popping with colour! So bring the outdoors in and add a burst of freshness into each room with a set of stunning flowers, plus, we have the perfect vase for you right here.

4.) Switch up your bedsheets

While thick blankets are snuggle-perfect for typical winter weather, with the warmer weather approaching, it's time to switch out our sheets for something cooler. Choose materials like cotton and silk for a light, fresh feeling in your home.

5.) Spring-Clean your space

By spring clean, we mean deep clean, wash the walls, curtains, get rid of all that winter dust. Be sure to tackle your biggest projects first and remember, it doesn't have to be done in one weekend, you can tackle this task over the course of the month of September.

6.) Challenge yourself with something new

Why not head over to Pinterest and try your hands on that DIY photo-frame to add some hand crafted décor into your space? Paint a piece of existing furniture or have an attempt wall art, this is a fun way to bring something new into your home, no matter how creative you are. Shop our selection of tools & home improvement goodies here.

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