Our mission at Coolcart Group (Pty) Ltd is to bring ample opportunities for people to dedicate their time solely to other life responsibilities and relax themselves from the daily, weekly, monthly, or periodically outdoor shopping stress. And to fulfill this mission, we offer home delivery of top-class products including everything one can imagine, from groceries and household items to digital and electronics, or stationeries and luggage, you can order anything from our store.


We understand how difficult it is to manage day-to-day shopping and personal needs that can arise anytime in this busy world. But no need to worry anymore! To take this burden off your shoulders, our cool online store is now on-board to deliver whenever and whatever you need at your home.After 9 months of untiring efforts and working day and night, Coolcart Group (Pty) Ltd finally launched its E-commerce retail store in South Africa to supply top-notch products to our valuable customers.From home appliances, electronic gadgets, baby products, and healthcare necessities to clothing, personal care items, and much more, we bring everything to your doorstep, so you don’t have to manage shopping time in this hectic life routine..We at CoolCart aim to fulfill all your daily life necessities while you can enjoy being in the comfort of your own home. Your satisfaction will always remain our first priority.


“Once we get the things we are striving for, we rarely remain satisfied with them. The things are just the bait. Chasing after them forces us to evolve, and it is the evolution and not the rewards themselves that matters to us and to those around us. This means that for most people success is struggling and evolving as effectively as possible.” ― Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work