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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
Kenwood - Quad Blade Mini Chopper.Kenwood - Quad Blade Mini Chopper.
Kenwood Kenwood - Quad Blade Mini Chopper
Sale priceR 537.00
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Zyliss Quick Slicer.Zyliss Quick Slicer.
Zyliss Zyliss Quick Slicer
Sale priceR 330.00
In stock
Zyliss Dial & Slice Cheese Slicer.Zyliss Dial & Slice Cheese Slicer.
Zyliss Zyliss Dial & Slice Cheese Slicer
Sale priceR 345.00
In stock
Zyliss Fine Grater (Soft Square).Zyliss Fine Grater (Soft Square).
Zyliss Zyliss Fine Grater (Soft Square)
Sale priceR 289.00
In stock
Zyliss Coarse Grater (Soft Square).Zyliss Coarse Grater (Soft Square).
Zyliss Zyliss Coarse Grater (Soft Square)
Sale priceR 354.00
In stock
Zyliss Smooth Glide Rasp Grater.Zyliss Smooth Glide Rasp Grater.
Zyliss Zyliss Smooth Glide Rasp Grater
Sale priceR 289.00
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Tescoma Cling Film Cutter "Flexispace".Tescoma Cling Film Cutter "Flexispace".
Tescoma Cheese Grater Handy.Tescoma Cheese Grater Handy.
Tescoma Tescoma Cheese Grater Handy
Sale priceR 409.00
In stock
Tescoma Ginger Grater/Infuser Handy X-Sharp.Tescoma Ginger Grater/Infuser Handy X-Sharp.
Tescoma French Fries Cutter Handy.Tescoma French Fries Cutter Handy.
Tescoma Tescoma French Fries Cutter Handy
Sale priceR 699.00
In stock
Tescoma Onion Chopper Handy.Tescoma Onion Chopper Handy.
Tescoma Tescoma Onion Chopper Handy
Sale priceR 374.00
In stock
Tescoma Apple Slicer "Presto".Tescoma Apple Slicer "Presto".
Tescoma Tescoma Apple Slicer "Presto"
Sale priceR 149.00
In stock
Tescoma Multi-Functional Egg Slicer "Presto".Tescoma Multi-Functional Egg Slicer "Presto".
Tescoma Crinkle Cutter Presto.
Tescoma Tescoma Crinkle Cutter Presto
Sale priceR 209.00
In stock
Tescoma Flat Grater Presto.
Tescoma Tescoma Flat Grater Presto
Sale priceR 119.00
In stock
Russell Hobbs Multi-purpose Food Slicer.

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