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Showing 1 - 24 of 35 products
Wall Mount Hands-free Sanitizer Dispenser.
Flex Rechargeable Massager.
Wahl Flex Rechargeable Massager
Sale priceR 329.00
In stock
Ac/dc Oxygen Concentrator.
Awappe Ac/dc Oxygen Concentrator
Sale priceR 16,799.00
In stock
Oxygen Concentrator +nebulizer.
Awappe Oxygen Concentrator +nebulizer
Sale priceR 19,799.00
In stock
5l Oxygen Concentrator.
Awappe 5l Oxygen Concentrator
Sale priceR 21,799.00
In stock
10L Oxygen Concentrator.
Awappe 10L Oxygen Concentrator
Sale priceR 33,799.00
In stock
Ventilator+accessories+carry Bag.
Awappe Ventilator+accessories+carry Bag
Sale priceR 31,800.00
In stock
Awappe Ventilator+stand+humidifier
Sale priceR 54,800.00
In stock
Awappe Oximeter
Sale priceR 489.00
In stock
Portable Steriliser Home And Car.
Awappe Portable Steriliser Home And Car
Sale priceR 459.00
In stock
Uv Sterilization Light.
Awappe Uv Sterilization Light
Sale priceR 1,299.00
In stock
Decontaminate Chlorine.
Awappe Decontaminate Chlorine
Sale priceR 2,399.00
In stock
Blu-ray Nanometer Spray Gun.
Awappe Blu-ray Nanometer Spray Gun
Sale priceR 1,399.00
In stock
13 Litre Ultrasonic Disinfection Machine.
Awappe 13 Litre Ultrasonic Disinfection Machine
Sale priceR 2,499.00
In stock
Ultrasonic Disinfection Sterilization.
Awappe Ultrasonic Disinfection Sterilization
Sale priceR 3,199.00
In stock
Sterilizer/ Disinfecting Machine.
Awappe Sterilizer/ Disinfecting Machine
Sale priceR 9,799.00
In stock
Battery-powered Sterilizer/ Fogger.
Awappe Battery-powered Sterilizer/ Fogger
Sale priceR 13,799.00
In stock
Petrol Powered Sterilizer/ Fogger.
Awappe Petrol Powered Sterilizer/ Fogger
Sale priceR 12,799.00
In stock
Disinfection Channel.Disinfection Channel.
Awappe Disinfection Channel
Sale priceR 22,799.00
In stock
Ai Access Control / Temp Detector/ De-contaminator /face Recognition.
Ai Face Recognition And Temperature At Reception.Ai Face Recognition And Temperature At Reception.
Ir Thermal Camera.
Awappe Ir Thermal Camera
Sale priceR 18,799.00
In stock
Thermal Camera Professional.
Awappe Thermal Camera Professional
Sale priceR 25,800.00
In stock

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