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Showing 1 - 24 of 80 products
12 Fin Oil Heater.12 Fin Oil Heater.
Delonghi 12 Fin Oil Heater - KH771225
Sale priceR 1,968.00
In stock
9 fins Oil Filled Radiators.9 fins Oil Filled Radiators.
Delonghi 9 fins Oil Filled Radiators - KH770920
Sale priceR 1,679.00
In stock
Argento 1.7L Kettle - Black.Argento 1.7L Kettle - Black.
Argento 2 Slice Toaster - Black.Argento 2 Slice Toaster - Black.
Argento 2 Slice Toaster - Red.Argento 2 Slice Toaster - Red.
Argento 2 Slice Toaster - White.Argento 2 Slice Toaster - White.
Avvolta Class 4 Slice Toaster - Graceful White.Avvolta Class 4 Slice Toaster - Graceful White.
Avvolta Class Kettle - Charming Red.Avvolta Class Kettle - Charming Red.
Avvolta Class Kettle - Graceful White.Avvolta Class Kettle - Graceful White.
Delonghi Avvolta Class Kettle - Graceful White
Sale priceR 2,335.00
In stock
De'longhi 500ml Milk Jug.De'longhi 500ml Milk Jug.
Delonghi De'longhi 500ml Milk Jug - DLSC069
Sale priceR 663.00
In stock
De'longhi 60cm Classic Electric Oven With 4 Gas Burners.
De'longhi Alicia Latte Milk Frother - Black.De'longhi Alicia Latte Milk Frother - Black.
De'longhi Alicia Latte Milk Frother - White.De'longhi Alicia Latte Milk Frother - White.
De'longhi Automatic Cappuccino Machine.De'longhi Automatic Cappuccino Machine.
Delonghi De'longhi Automatic Cappuccino Machine
Sale priceR 13,999.00
In stock
De'longhi Blu Flower Ceramic Travel Mug.De'longhi Blu Flower Ceramic Travel Mug.
De'longhi Burr Grinder.De'longhi Burr Grinder.
Delonghi De'longhi Burr Grinder - KG79
Sale priceR 1,243.00
In stock
De'longhi Caffè Venezia Coffee Machineia.De'longhi Caffè Venezia Coffee Machineia.
De'longhi Classic 90cm Electric Oven With 5 Gas Burners - Black.
De'longhi Cocoa Shaker.De'longhi Cocoa Shaker.
Delonghi De'longhi Cocoa Shaker - DLSC061
Sale priceR 199.00
In stock
De'longhi Coffee Shop Ceramic Travel Mug.De'longhi Coffee Shop Ceramic Travel Mug.
De'longhi Coffee Tamper.
Delonghi De'longhi Coffee Tamper - DLSC058
Sale priceR 329.00
In stock
De'longhi Double Walled Cappuccino Glasses.
De'longhi Double Walled Espresso Glasses.
De'longhi Double Walled Latte Macchiato Glasses.

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